Creating Art is about Feeling Good

Art is like coming home, putting on my favourite fluffy socks, and settling down with mug of hot cocoa. Because being creative is second-nature to me.

Art, Design and writing helps me switch off from stress and anxiety towards ‘warm and fuzzy’. Art keeps my feet warm! I draw inspiration from medieval history, the seaside and people. My paintings are vibrant, happy and a sometimes a bit quirky.

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I’ve Exhibited at The Salon Des Refusee 2018 and was given a wild card to enter Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. I am member of the SAA (Society for All Artists) and one of my artworks was featured in a their Paint a Poppy exhibition commemorating the end of WW1. I am also a member of Chelmsford Art Society

Therefore, when you look on my images my hope is that you are transported to a magical castle, or moved by an engaging portrait or cityscape. My purpose in life is to convey the profound, the beautiful or the slightly amusing.

I am completely self taught and blog about my experiences of developing my skills as an artist.

I began my Art journey by borrowing dozens of art books from my local library and watching hundreds of hours of You Tube videos. I’ve now curated my own library of art books.

I’ve attended courses on acrylic landscapes at Art Van Go in Knebworth, and life drawing classes with London Drawing.

I’ve explored acrylics, Watercolour, Brusho, coloured pencil, charcoal and mixed media.

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“We were put here on Earth to act as agents of the infinite, to bring into existence that which is not yet, but which will be through us”

Join me on my journey.

Wendy Dashwood

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