Pencil Sketches

Portrait of Lauren with Baby Willow. This is a scan of an original image created in my sketch book with oil pencils.
Watercolour pencil of an eye with the iris features in ultramarine blue
I’ve had a fascination for eyes for many years, and never tire of sketching them.
Pencil Sketch of Marilyn Munro
Marilyn. Even in her last days sitting on a beach wrapped in a big jumper and a blanket she was still incredibly vibrant and compelling. This is an ok sketch which really doesn’t do her justice.
Pencil Sketch of William Morris famous English Painter created when he was 24
I first saw this self-portrait of William Turner a couple of years ago. This is him as a young man just before he became well known. This is a picture of a confident young man who definitely knows where he’s going.
Blue tonal sketch in Pencil of Jengis Khan
Genghis Khan (meaning Universal Leader) – arguably the greatest and fiercest war lord the world has ever seen. Although this probably isn’t what he actually looked like, again, it’s the eyes, the eyes which tell the whole story of a ruthless and resolute leader.
Here’s a pencil study of a cat. We could all learn a thing or two about how to relax from cats!
Pencil sketch of a local cat who has the sweetest kindest nature I’ve ever encountered in a cat.
pencil sketch of Emmeline Pankhurst, Suffragette
Emmeline Pankhurst – the most famous advocate for Women’s Rights and founder of the Suffragette movement
Portrait of Lauren with Baby Willow in Oil Pencils