About the Artist

‘Being Creative is Second-Nature’

Art for me is like coming home to a real fire, putting on my favourite fluffy socks and settling down with a mug of hot cocoa. I am British, self-taught artist based in Essex.

Painting and designing replaces worry, stress and anxiety, with complete fulfilment. It directs my purpose. It’s here that I can really ‘get into the zone’. And I want everyone who looks at my artworks to feel the same.

I am basically self-taught. And I really mean self-taught. I achieved A-Level Art despite being the only student in the class. The Head of the Art Department would appear at the beginning of the lesson, issue brief instructions and stick around for precisely 5 minutes. He’d then clear off to the staff room, leaving me to take myself through Double-Art. But at least I had the presence of mind not to clear off to the chip shop!

When did things change?

After leaving school I was offered a place at Bournemouth Art College, but chickened-out and let art slip away for the next three decades.

However, I eventually returned to Art when I was 55, because I always knew I was a bit ‘Arty’. The problem was I come from a generation where Art wasn’t considered a sensible career choice. “You’ll starve…”

The closest I’ve got to being an artist was through music. I was a Cellist with the Essex Symphony Orchestra for 18 years. Meanwhile in my career I’ve worked as a PA and an Executive Assistant. I am also an EFT Specialist and have 7 years experience as a Personal Coach.

Eventually I said to myself “when would be a good time to create…when you’re 85?!” So I borrowed dozens of books on art from the library, filled loads of sketch books with drawings, and watched hundreds of hours of You Tube Videos to learn the ‘how‘ of painting.

My favourite paintings include:

William Turner’s ‘The Fighting Temeraire’.

Caravaggio’s atmospheric painting Supper at Emmaus. 1601 (National Gallery)

I vividly recall the first time I saw ‘The Death of Chatterton’ 1856 Henry Wallis (Tate Britain)

My Influences and Teachers

I’ve learnt a lot from watching videos produced by other artists such as Lachlan Goudie, Alvaro Castagnet, the late Bob Ross, Heather Miller, Steve Mitchell (The Mind of Watercolour) and Will Kemp Art School.


Exhibited at the 2019 Salon Des Refuses in Margate

Exhibited with Chelmsford Art Society at Hyde Hall, in Essex 2019

A few things you didn’t know about me

I am the Great Great Granddaughter of William Warboys, who was a steam train driver. He spent the majority of his career as a driver on the Flying Scotsman. He spent a 15 year apprenticeship as a Fireman before being given the honour of driving this iconic, historic train. Only elite drivers were given this honour. My Grandfather Captain Harold Quick was the skipper of Marconi Marine’s Elettra II, a research vessel used to test Sonar in the 1950’s. I am also a cellist and was a member of the Essex Symphony Orchestra for 18 years.

What Inspires me?

I draw inspiration from the landscape, nature, the sea, rivers, lakes, people, clouds, architecture, history and animals. I also love writing and will share my journey through my blog.

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