The Real Reason you Stepped on Some Lego this Morning

One of my friends is a thirty-something responsible mum who is bonkers about Lego. But she’s probably not the first person to step on the odd Lego brick first thing in the morning. And as we know that’s rather painful. But there could be an upside…

“What?! How can anything which causes excruciating pain be good” I hear you ask.

I have this theory, a belief based on personal experience that bad things happen for you. And this belief keeps me going when things aren’t going too well. It gives me something to hold onto. Call it hope or faith but for me it’s sometimes been a lifeline in the darkest hours.

If you apply this theory to stepping on Lego for example, it provides a logical explanation for the pain when you’re hobbling around cursing in the living room.

According to my theory, a bad experience could be your higher self trying to get your attention.

Oh please! Not that law of attraction thing again!

Not exactly; but the way I see things, if you believe you are in charge of your own destiny, this might make a bit of sense to you.

What’s the role of your subconscious?

The subconscious mind is a reservoir of stored experiences and knowledge which guides you all the time. It adopts subtle, and not so so subtle, strategies to get your attention.

Research has proven that your subconscious mind records everything that’s happened to you, your entire life. It takes every experience and stores it away in a huge filing cabinet in the furthest recesses of your mind, ready to retrieve it at any time, particularly in tricky situations. Therefore, it ‘knows stuff‘.

Who hasn’t sat opposite someone on the train and thought “don’t know why but I wouldn’t trust him/her any further than I could throw ’em”. It’s the wise voice of reason whose got your back.

So your experiences of life, are never, ever wasted. The job of your subconscious or higher self is to record and then refer back to that bad experience so you don’t make the same mistake twice. It’s the genie on your shoulder which says “Don’t do that…you’ll regret it. Remember last time?”

And what do we do when we hear that little voice? Completely ignore it of course … only to regret it later.

We’ve all done it!

And when your subconscious mind thinks you need a bit of a nudge in a new direction or a big shove to get you to shift your arse and make some well overdue changes in your life, well…things just get a bit tough. And sometimes things get so unbelievably bad, that you might find yourself shouting at the sky “What do you want from me?! What Next?!”

The answer won’t necessarily arrive in the way you expect either.

Basically the Lego brick incident translates to the following…

Hey you over there going through life in a trance. Time you woke up, smelled the coffee and changed course before you end up fading away to match the grey wallpaper.”

But where does Art fit in?

I ended up getting back into art and creativity after my life got really really stressful, to the point where I could not ignore it any more. I knew I had to introduce something new into my life which brought me joy before I became seriously ill.

The stress gave me the shove I needed to really think about what I really wanted in my life. A friend of mine who is an Art Therapist suggested I paint about what was happening to me. I painted the first painting, and was instantly hooked on art.

Then I took up art again after a gap of 35 years and here I am blogging about it on my own website.

What is pain trying to tell you?

Who hasn’t been stuck in a rut, ploughing a trough of misery so deep that they can’t see a way out?

It’s usually on that one morning when you’ve reached rock bottom that the Lego appears. You step on it and Wham! Instant Bad Mood. But the thing about pain is that it just might be your higher self (the self that knows everything remember) shouting at you to shift your focus and DO something with your life.

It’s calling to you through the layers of apathy and laziness to take notice, observe and be fully conscious for a few seconds. Just long enough for you to wake up, look around think and take stock and reflect on what’s going on in your life. Sometimes it might be a series of things that crop up one after another which does the trick.

However I must say here, that of course there are some exceptions. You might be living the dream and stepped on an upturned plug or a nail only yesterday. As far as you are aware, there’s nothing major in your life that needs changing. Fair enough.

Therefore my theory has to be balanced with a bit of common sense.

But I do know someone who stepped on a nail, ended up in hospital, where the surgeon discovered he had cancer. The nail saved his life!

So the pain could be an alarm call, a voice from the infinite.

The next time you step on some Lego, or walk into a lamp post ask yourself this question:-

“What’s this pain trying to tell me? Why has it happened now? What am I NOT doing that I am avoiding that should be helping me move towards something more fulfilling”?

It’s your life, your destiny of course but who hasn’t at some point in their lives contemplated living a completely different existence, such as becoming a Postman, a Teacher, an Artist, a Writer, going back to College, setting up a new business or travelling the world?

“Better to be a Lion for a day, than a sheep your whole life…”

Image reproduced by kind permission of Hello I’m Nik

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