Why You Don’t need Permission to Start a New Creative Hobby

Why is it that anything remotely connected to being creative isn’t always given the green light? Are you one of those people who’ve thought about arts and crafts, but never quite go around to it?

Perhaps friends or relatives aren’t encouraging you to get started. Or you are waiting for someone to give you permission. If that’s you I will be playing bad cop today to give you that kick in the derriere to get started.

How I ended up letting go of my creative side.

Once upon a time there was an seven year old in the Dunce class (back when the slow kids were shoved into a class together and basically written off).

But to be fair the great thing about being in this class was that us kids created art. All the time. Every day. And we loved it!

The kids flourished and moved on and up to the next grade. But sadly and with regret, they left the art behind. The sandpit, crayons, glitter and glue. Art was perceived as only for stupid kids. Art was labelled as a time wasting triviality, best ignored and forgotten.

But…but one child didn’t forget. Yes, me. I kept my guilty secret. The guilty secret that art was fact the most rewarding, satisfying and life affirming thing I had ever done.

But the years, the decades rolled by. Life got harder until one day life became all a bit much. Too much in fact.

What happened to help me to reach for the paints and brushes?

I had reached a crisis in my life. I was experiencing paralysing stress and anxiety. I was not happy! I was spending the majority of my time ruminating on my dreadful life.

Then a close friend said…”why not paint. Get creative. At least it will make you FEEL better. Get all that angst out in paper. Draw or paint your feelings”

What’s your Story?

Do you live a life less lived? Do you live amongst the lost souls out there who have never thrown themselves heart and soul into art and have no idea of the jewels to be found there? The lost souls who don’t understand you or creativity?

Are you waiting for someone to say to you “yes get your paints out, make that dress, write that song”? Is the only reason you are willing to step into the artistic circle again is when someone gives you permission?

We are on this earth for such a short time, why spend it putting up with, compromising, settling. Why waste years being a ‘wozgonna’ “I was gonna try making jewellery” for example.

You rarely hear people saying how bored they are painting or crafting. Whereas who looks forward to tidying up a spreadsheet, or doing their tax return?

How much longer are you going to wait?

I waited until I was 55 to get back into art. So whenever I create, time stands still. Hours can go by where I do not think about or worry about anything. No negative thoughts cross my mind AT ALL. Sure some artworks are a total failure, some teeter on the edge until I get a breakthrough. But those hours spent painting are marvellous.

When I am in my tiny art studio I feel grounded, whole, in the zone. The same way I did in the dunce class when I was 7. That smell of the art room is hypnotic, like a Moroccan market. It bursts with flavour, rich colours and vibrancy.

Now it’s your turn

If your friends, family or colleagues think you’re bonkers for wanting to make dolls, or taking up knitting or crafting. Or if you feel guilty about spending the money to get started. Do it anyway!! Do it today. Just start. Create now as if your life depended on it, because it pretty much does!

Me at an Art Class. Happy Happy Happy!

If this article has inspired you to take that first step do let me know in the comments below.

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